Vino che ispira

Shaking things up

Salute was founded by two brothers, Jan and Tim, on a mission to shake things up in the old-fashioned wine industry. It all started from our shared passion for wine, our love for Italy and the idea that wine should complement your lifestyle!

We bring “la dolce vita” to you through our delicious and lightly sparkling wines in a can, sourced from Italian grapes. Salute is all about enjoying the good things in life and indulging in the things you love.


Designed for you

Our canned wines allow you to enjoy your favorite wine where you want it, when you want it! Relaxing at the beach, hiking in the mountains, a BBQ with friends or dancing at a festival – With Salute the possibilities are limitless!

“With Salute we want to celebrate creativity, spark your spontaneity and inspire discovery.”

Canned for sustainability

We want to build a business with people and planet in mind. That’s why our cans offer an innovative approach to a refreshing and qualitative wine delivered in a portable and sustainable package.

Our cans are made of aluminum, which is infinitely and 100% recyclable! And to make things even better, due to their light weight CO2 emissions from transport are halved compared to bottles.