Christmas Wine spritzer

A festive Christmas cocktail

With the holidays right around the corner we’d love to introduce you to our favorite holiday cocktail. Impress your guest with this easy and fun to make drink and get the Christmas spirit going!

How it’s done

This delicious cocktail is served in a jiffy. All you need is Salute Rosé wine, cranberry juice, ginger ale, cranberries and ice cubes. If you like your cocktail a little less sweet, you can use the Salute White instead.

Pour our Salute Rosé (100ml) and cranberry juice (100ml) into your cocktail glass and stir until their well combined.

Add the ginger ale (50ml) and some ice cubes, give it a gentle stir and top off with some fresh cranberries!

Now you know exactly how to make a great cocktail for the holidays with a Salute twist! We’d love to see your creations, you can share them with us by tagging in your instagram stories.

Keep an eye on our winespirationblog, we’ll be posting new recipes regularly.

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